Wednesday, August 29, 2018

President’s Award For Teachers 2018

1. Eight outstanding educators received the 2018 President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) from President Halimah Yacob at the Istana during the Teachers’ Day Reception on Wednesday, 29 August 2018. They are (not in order of merit):

  • Ms Goh Wai Leng, Geylang Methodist School (Primary);
  • Mdm S Nirmala Devi, Guangyang Primary School;
  • Mr Matthew Ong Yong Cheng, St Andrew's Junior School;
  • Ms Ng Sheh Feng, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School;
  • Mr Edzra Bin Iskandar, Bedok South Secondary School;
  • Dr Lim Yi-En, National Junior College;
  • Mr Teo Keng Ann, Singapore Polytechnic;
  • Ms Tan Lay Khee, Temasek Polytechnic.

2. Since 2017, the PAT has been extended to include educators from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and polytechnics. This is in recognition of their important role in technical and vocational education, as well as lifelong learning.

3. The eight PAT 2018 recipients are caring and nurturing educators, dedicated to the holistic development of their students. They are committed to developing their students to their fullest potential, and they adopt innovative approaches in their lessons. As role models, these teachers are lifelong learners and mentors to their peers. They were chosen from 2,571 teachers nominated this year by school leaders, teachers, parents, former and current students.

4. The eight recipients were selected by a panel chaired by Ms Denise Phua, Chairperson of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education. The panel comprised representatives from the Ministry of Education (MOE), COMmunity and PArents in Support of Schools (COMPASS), and Post-Secondary Education Institutions (PSEIs). The list of the 15 PAT 2018 finalists is in the Annex. The General Education (Pri, Sec, JC/CI) finalists will receive their PAT certificates at the Academy Awards for Professional Development (PD) ceremony by MOE’s Academy of Singapore Teachers, while the PSEIs (ITE and Polytechnics) PAT finalists will receive their PAT certificates at an institution-level event. They will also receive a professional development grant to attend any overseas/local conferences, seminars and courses, or to purchase PD resources.

  1. There were a total of 6,402 nominations this year. Some teachers received more than one nomination.

  2. COMPASS was established in December 1998 to advise MOE on strengthening and promoting school-home-community collaboration.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Four Ways to Optimize Study Sessions Before Exams

To get good grades, students need to work smarter, not harder! All they need to do is prepare a study plan before starting to study. This might seem like a waste of time to many students, especially when examinations are around the corner and the syllabus is vast. But believe it or not, this will actually make your life much easier.

We know that you have a mountain load of books and notes waiting for you at your desk. But remember, studying for exams is all about understanding concepts, memorizing some ideas, finding links between them and then reproducing them on D-day. There is an entire process involved to prepare oneself well for examinations. This is why cramming the day before an exam will never help you to get awesome grades! This actually involves good planning, discipline and a little bit of hard work.

Here are some tips to help you study for exams:

#1 Prepare a study plan

Most students start cramming notes with no apparent strategy in their minds. But this inefficient method will not help you get good grades! In fact, a 2017 study by researchers from Stanford indicates that just getting down to study won’t lead to straight As. The key to good scores is not just simply studying, it is how you plan to study and use the resources available to you!

You need to sit down and actually make some decisions beforehand. Which topics will take up more time? Do you need to brush up mathematical concepts through daily practice? Get a pen and paper and chart out a practical study plan to cover important topics. You’ll win half the battle by doing this!

#2 Teach topics

You make notes, you read them thoroughly. But come exam time, you forget them all. Can you guess what’s going wrong over here?

Conceptual clarity is important when it comes to complicated topics. You might feel that you have understood a concept, but to really absorb it well, teach it to someone else. If you find it difficult to explain it to someone, this means that you are still fuzzy about the topic yourself.

#3 Mind maps and charts

This is where your creativity can come to your rescue! Read your study material and visualize the information with the help of graphs, charts, mind maps and even funny mental images. You can use these to connect different ideas and information, especially when studying subjects such as history.

We remember images better than words as our visual memory is strong so make use of it as much as possible. So if you’re studying biology, don’t forget to practice the diagrams of organs as this will help you to visualize the same during the examination.

#4 Don’t depend on prescribed textbooks alone

C’mon, we live in the age of the internet! Who said that you need to focus on prescribed textbooks alone to understand the concepts included in the syllabus?

The internet is a treasure chest of knowledge so make sure to use it to look up difficult concepts. You can run a Google search or even watch interesting explainer YouTube videos to understand a theory. You can also find help with complex math sums by just googling them. All the information is at your fingertips. You just need to be a little inquisitive! Research and gather information from different sources.

Along with all these study hacks, remember to take care of yourself. Drink water, eat healthy food and get sufficient sleep. In fact, exams are a part of our lives, so why should we let it disrupt our normal schedules? Just stay positive, prepare like a pro and you’ll end up doing great!

For more exam help and guidance to study effectively when the exam time is near, Hire the best House Tutors for Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, English, Tamil, Chinese and many other subjects for all levels.
Feel free to share your queries and inputs in the comment section below. All the best for the best studies!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Change in Examination Schedule for 2018 GCE O-Level Literature in Tamil Paper 1

Examination rescheduled to Monday, 19 November 2018, 10.00am

1. The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) has rescheduled the 2018 GCE O-Level Literature in Tamil Paper 1 from Wednesday, 7 November 2018, 2.00pm, to Monday, 19 November 2018, 10.00am.

2. The GCE O-Level examination is conducted within October and November each year. In planning the timetable, SEAB is mindful about balancing the number of papers that candidates have to sit within this time frame, while minimising timetable clashes due to the variety of subject combinations offered.

3. When there is a gazetted festive public holiday within the examination period, SEAB will avoid scheduling examinations on the afternoon of the eve of the festival and in the morning after the festival to minimise disruption to the festive celebrations.

4. This year, Deepavali falls on 6 November, which is in the middle of the examination schedule. SEAB received feedback about the GCE O-Level Literature in Tamil Paper 1 taking place a day after Deepavali.

5. After careful deliberation, SEAB will be rescheduling the paper to 19 November 2018 at 10.00am, which is the last day of the GCE O-Level examination. As there are only nine candidates taking this paper, the marking and results processing can still be completed in time for the 2018 GCE O-Level examination results release in January 2019.

6. There are no changes to the examination timetable for the other GCE O- Level papers1 scheduled on Wednesday, 7 November 2018. The updated examination timetable can be accessed on SEAB’s website.

  1. GCE O-Level Islamic Religious Knowledge (2080) Paper 1; GCE O-Level Literature in Chinese (2093) Paper 1; GCE O-Level Literature in Malay (2238) Paper 1; GCE O-Level Burmese (3249) Paper 1; GCE O-Level Thai (3260) Paper 1

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mnemonic Techniques to Help You Ace Your Tests!

Annual examinations are all about how well students can remember and recall the key concepts taught to them. That is why students need to sharpen their memory to improve their grades. Certain memory techniques facilitate faster recall, a skill which is extremely important keeping in mind the time restrictions during examinations.

Storing information in the brain is not an issue when students know mnemonic trips and tricks to retain key bits of concepts. These are simple learning crutches which help in the retention and retrieval of information hidden in crevices of the long-term memory. As long as it helps in the faster recall of items, mnemonics can be anything, from images, numbers, funny words and sentences and even rhymes and songs!  In fact, that is how we learned our ABCs, didn’t we?

Here are some of the mnemonic techniques to remember important details: Techniques to remember things.

To remember a large collection of numbers

You can use piems to remember the value of pi (π). The number of letters or the length of each word here signifies a digit. Be creative! Make up funny but easy to remember sentences which can help store the value of π up to 7-8 decimal places. Here is an example:

May I have a large container of coffee, cream, and sugar?

Here, the first word has 3 letters, the second has 1 while the third word is made up of 4 letters. In this way, you can memorize the value of pi as 3.1415926535.

To remember spellings:

Memory-enhancing techniques can actually help you to acquire foreign languages easily. Spellings are not very difficult to remember if you practice writing every day. But some words can be extremely confusing! For instance, take the word, ‘mnemonic’ itself. The first letter of the word is silent AND it sounds similar to ‘pneumonia’ so it can get pretty complicated for some. Using full sentences to remember each letter of a word can be helpful here:

Memory Needs Every Method Of Nurturing Its Capacity.

In this sentence, the first letter of every word together makes up the word ‘mnemonic’! Better Assistance could lead to better Results.

To remember dates

Historical dates are pretty difficult to remember, right? Well, with mnemonic techniques, you can remember a lot of dates at the same time!

If you need to remember the date of American independence (that’s 4th July 1776), use the chunking technique, i.e., break down the information into chunks. 17-76 is much easier to remember.

To make it simpler, imagine a 17-year old guy walking with a 76-old man with the American flag! Find personal Assistance for many more such techniques.

Some of the memory-enhancing techniques to remember lists properly are extremely popular. For instance, everyone knows the names of the planets using mnemonic strategies! Try them out and soon you’ll be able to make some up on your own.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Important Points You Must Ask Before Applying For Scholarships

In Singapore, the A-Levels are extremely important since it would determine where one can enroll for college and if you can sign up for the course you want.

Aside from as an integral component of your university application resume, A-amounts are also enough time considering how you will support your college education. College isn't inexpensive and if you would like to pursue advanced schooling, you may want to consider obtaining a scholarship.

However, prior to going search for your scholarship or actually consider one for your university degree, here are a few of the items you should ask 1st:

Why do I'd like a scholarship?

Scholarships come in numerous kinds and benefits. There are scholarships which only covers part of your tuition fee. Many others can only be utilized for one specific university or for regional universities only.
If these scholarships will restrain your plans, you can select bond-free university scholarships so that you can do the course you want without fretting about a security or a particular condition you need to fulfill.
However, if you want to work for the federal government or for nonprofit organizations, you might consider authorities or corporate scholarships. They could offer scholarships that could connect you compared to that dream business you intend to be a spend the.

What field of research am I searching for? The type of sectors do I wish to work in the foreseeable future?
Scholarship bodies generally have different scholarship programs for several disciplines of study. Considering this truth, you will have to decide which program or courses you intend to take and locate the scholarships that provide grants for them.

Who will be the available providers?

Knowing the training course you will pursue, it really is now time to learn the agencies you may obtain a scholarship grant.

In Singapore, you may use Brightsparks to narrow down your list and introduce you for some of the scholarship providers in the united states.

For example, in case you are taking engineering programs, you can apply to JTC, BCA, URA or HDB.

Why am I thinking about that organization?

When you narrow straight down the set of scholarships you intend to make an application for, you should consider why you would like to work for that particular scholarship provider and when you can work very well with them throughout your college career.

Read up upon each one of the scholarship companies that you can connect with and check if indeed they work well with customers through the critiques of previous reviewers. You may also check their eyesight and objective and their company tradition to see if you can grow by using this organization. Important Points You Must Ask Before Applying For Scholarships

What are the terms and conditions?

Some scholarships include certain conditions and conditions you need to fulfill or acknowledge before you are granted support. Usually, the problem will come in a bond amount of 4 years if you will just research in Singapore or 6 years if you will study abroad. Ask yourself when you can work because of this organization for four to six 6 years and if there are implications if you don't buy into the bond.

In the event that you break your relationship, you will not merely purchase the monetary losses incurred by the supplier, but also trigger your status to earn a dark mark since you didn't complete your bond agreement.
You should also remember that you can’t just switch your courses in university when you are feeling like your passion is not covered by your selected course. You can find an Excellent Home Tutor that can help you with your courses and less expensive.

What developmental opportunities do I get?

If you have an objective in mind, a battle for this. Scholarships are a smart way to pull before the pack and develop your CV. Some scholarships can provide internships because of their supported students, that they can do for their term break. Internships can provide you with a glimpse of the business you wish to use and even offer you extra factors when you graduate out of university.

Can I wait?

Many often query themselves and others concerning when they should apply for a scholarship now. Most scholarships present either undergraduate and mid-term scholarships or those people who are simply beginning their undergraduate research for two years.

Choosing a scholarship shouldn’t be achieved pretty quickly and you do have to consider your finances before you apply for one.

What's the monetary term of the award?

Some scholarships do not simply cover tuition fees, but also living allowance and additional expenses. If you want to study abroad, you have to find scholarships that would help you to get by during your school career.
However, the, even more, your scholarship addresses, the bigger your obligations can be once you finish your education.

Does your scholarship enable you to make an application for other grants?

Since university education isn't cheap, some college students often search for university scholarships that could permit them to take several.

Some scholarships usually do not permit multiple scholarships, plus they could even prevent you carry out sideline activities to assist you to fund your schoolwork. Find yourself a home tutor to get personal assistance in the subject you want.  


Are We just following a crowd?

Before you obtain a scholarship, ask yourself in the event that you actually need a scholarship or you are simply following the trend began by your peers. You have to make sure that your scholarship fits your career goals since the scholarship you might be going to take together with your peers might not be the one which matches your job and needs.

What To Do If A-Level Exam Results Are No Good For Your Career

Obtaining a good grade intended for A-levels isn't an easy feat to accomplish due to the considerable quantity of information you have to remember, along with the increasing problems of its subjects. In Singapore, getting great grades in A-Amounts is essential if one desires to get into a few of the country’s best universities or colleges.

If you didn’t get the grades you want, usually do not worry! It isn't the finish of your competition to enter your desired college or university or obtain the work you want.

Because you got your grades, it's best not to dwell on it and accept it. When you enter grips with your grades, now you can do the pursuing to realize your dream:

Carve Out Your Own Path

When you get your grade, don’t follow your peers who have a minimal or so-so quality who would likely head to their second choice or simply give up on addressing their desired college. Use your grade as a basis concerning where your abilities flourish the most. Sure your peers got top grades for the subjects you have low grades in, but their grades might not become satisfactory for the classes they would like to pursue. Examine your additional grades that matched your goals and actually check how you do in the topics you liked to understand on. It may let you know your talents lay someplace else.
For instance, if your enthusiasm lay in the humanities, pursue it! Humanities courses do not need you to possess high mathematics or research grades. As long as your grades are high for humanities-related programs, you are all set. You can also make an application for the programmes that match your skills and choices. If your quality isn’t at par in your chosen school’s admission requirements, they will still review the application through the discretionary entrance or if you charm for it. At these times, they will think about your grades that you'll require for your selected course.
Singapore is not only famous for its schools that offer undergraduate and graduate programmes that cope with advanced science and mathematics, there is also a great collection of universities and schools supplying high-quality humanities, good arts, and liberal arts programmes. For Guidance and an Excellent Coaching, you can approach HomeTutor.

Upgrade your CV

You may also improve your standing in the foreseeable future despite your A-level grades with the skills you can within your CV.
Nowadays, you can include new abilities to your CV by firmly taking component in online learning classes available. Massive Online Open up Courseware (MOOC) are provided by the best universities through sites like Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy and edX and these sites give various courses and specializations based on your requirements. When you successfully full these courses, they'll provide you with the official qualification from the university offering the course.
In some instances, you may also earn university credit when you take online courses. Some universities also offer online programs and distance education programmes, which can enable you to work when you are studying.
Attending high-tech boot camps may also help you increase your CV’s ranking since these camps can help you learn the abilities which are searched for by employers.
When you take these extra classes or steps, it'll show companies you are motivated into learning more on the subject of the items you love. They could use your extra courses as something you can discuss at length during your interviews.

HAVE A Gap Year

When you have been learning non-stop and feel just like your stress amounts are too much, why not consider going for a gap 12 months to rest your brain and body? It might be one cause you didn’t get the grade you want.
Let the body rest from all of the stresses you have and even do something different for a modify before you get back into your studies. Performing a gap year will help you explore even more about what you should do in existence and learn different things.

Get yourself a Private Degree

Singapore has many personal educational organizations you can test if you need to achieve success even if your A-levels are not that good. These establishments do not concentrate on your A-level grades when contemplating your admission application plus they even permit college students to work while trying to comprehensive your degree. If you stayed generally in most universities in the united states, they may not allow you to function while studying.
Nevertheless, before you jump to these institutions, you need to remember that they can be found in various requirements and offerings. You can examine out the list created by Business Excellence and Study Group regarding Singapore’s greatest private education organizations or the very best Private College in Singapore for Engineering review by JobsCentral Learning TED Awards 2016.
Of course, when you work, additionally it is ideal that you do your lessons at the campus because it can offer you with unlimited possibilities to get more experience. For more Reference on GCE A-Level

Try to Try Again

If you would like to move and get yourself a good quality on your own retake, you can seek the aid of a home tutor.

If you cannot move forward from your grade and wish an increased grade, you may ask the institution if they would enable you to retake your examinations or seek special concern. However, it is advisable to do that as your last recourse if your job focuses on requires you to possess certain grades. If you are permitted to retake or obtain unique consideration for the program, try thinking about where you went incorrect in your 1st try to revise your study practices.
A-level tuition can help you plan your classes and sometimes test thoroughly your understanding of the topic.


Don’t instantly give up your future whenever your A-level grades aren't on par together with your targets or the anticipations of your loved ones. There are many methods to still touch base your dreams and these pointers above will help you make it happen. We wish you a fortune and hang within!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Awards for 14 Pre-School Mother Tongue Language Teachers

1. 14 teachers will receive the Outstanding Pre-school Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Teacher Award1 from Ms Low Yen Ling, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education at the 7th Mother Tongue Languages Symposium on Saturday, 18 August 2018. Six of them will receive the Outstanding Award, while the other eight will be presented with the Merit Award.

2. The award recipients were selected from a total of 106 nominations. The full list can be found in the Annex.

3. The Outstanding Pre-school Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Teacher Award recognises pre-school teachers for their passion in making the learning of MTLs engaging, and in nurturing a love for languages among pre-school children. It is jointly presented by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL), the Malay Language Learning and Promotion Committee (MLLPC) and the Tamil Language Learning and Promotion Committee (TLLPC).

4. The selection panel for the award recipients comprised nine experienced pre-school educators and academics. They had conducted on-site lesson observations and interviews with the teachers as part of the selection process.

7th Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Symposium

5. Into its seventh year, the MTL Symposium will bring together Singapore schools and the community to share their collective efforts in promoting MTL through creative and engaging programmes. The MTL Symposium is jointly organised by the Ministry of Education, CPCLL, MLLPC and TLLPC.

6. Themed “Our Mother Tongues as Living Languages”, this year’s Symposium focuses on helping children recognise their own MTL as a language relevant to their everyday lives, and to encourage its use beyond the classroom. It also strives to forge stronger partnerships among pre-school centres, schools and the community, to nurture our children to become active learners and proficient users of MTL.

7. Besides 32 sharing sessions and workshops, there will be 43 exhibition booths by pre-school centres, schools and various partners. These booths will showcase innovative teaching methods and community programmes. A list of activities and exhibitions at the MTL Symposium can be found at Admission is free.

  1. The Outstanding Pre-school Chinese Language Teacher Award was first introduced in 2009 by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning. From 2013, the award has been renamed the Outstanding Pre-school Mother Tongue Language Teacher Award to recognise the contributions of all MTL teachers.

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Things Singapore Parents Should Know About Secondary 1 Math Subject — House Tutor Blog

Math may be the bane of many learners and in Singapore, where math sometimes appears as a vital at the mercy of bolster a child’s potential, students need to be able to keep up with Singapore’s Educational Model and syllabus to boost their mathematical ability. For parents whose kids are unable to match math’s difficulty,…

via Things Singapore Parents Should Know About Secondary 1 Math Subject — House Tutor Blog

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Advantages of Home Tuition for your Child Education

1. Get Personalized Interest:

With 40-50 college students in a course, the teacher struggles to give personal focus on every pupil. as the instructor is having a restricted time. In One-on-One teaching, the instructor provides them an assurance of personal focus on the college student as there exists a good period with the instructor with only 1 student. Therefore the student can concentrate on studies even more.

2. Involvement of Parents:

House Tuition itself conveying us, the teacher will probably come at students spot to train him/her, what else a mother or father wants. Learners also feel safe at their house and even parents experience relaxed as their children are safe and before their eyes. The very best part of house tutoring is there are no limitations in comparison with private coaching centers.

3. Best Tutor Match:

The teachers have filtered away based on the Experience, Skills, Knowledge according to the student requires, and it’s matched. In college, we don’t possess any right to select an instructor but this is actually the advantage of house tuition that you could choose teacher according to your requirement. Such match can be very helpful in appointing best Math Teacher & Science Teacher for your child.

4. Tutoring at your Convenience:

Probably the most attractive features of House tutoring is, that the pupil not must go anywhere. The Instructor should come to the student’s place just. Students can call an instructor to come anywhere, dependant on the teacher convenience.

5. Improved Performance:

The teacher is coming regularly and each day giving us a specific task to focus on. A house tutor always motivates students to review effectively and efficiently, leading to the boost of self-confidence of students and by this college student itself research hard and eventually his performance improves.

6. Personalized Relationship:

A teacher and students always share very great personal relations, students hardly ever hesitate while asking anything linked to studies, school, profession etc. from the instructor. It creates an extremely friendly environment amid Pupil and a teacher. In addition, it makes students feel safe before the teacher.

7. Independence to Ask Questions:

In a class filled up with students, a few of the students hesitate in asking questions to the teacher. However, in-home tuition pupil can ask as many questions as he really wants to and will tell the instructor to resolve the query any moment.

8. Better Assessment:

A house tutor better understands the kid potential and his capability to learn to ensure that he can certainly examine and offer regular responses to his function to student’s mother or father. Parents and House tuition teachers can easily evaluate a child’s growth, character development, overall performance, and the region where he lags behind.

9. Lesser Distractions:

In several students, there are various kinds of learners, that differs in thoughts, attitudes, personality, etc. included in this some certainly are a quick learner, some certainly are a gradual learner, or some are notorious.

Because of few students, all college students obtain distracted and leads various other students, to pay much less attention to the instructor lecture. In one using one tuition or house tuition, students can understand in an effective way with fewer distractions.

10. Possibilities for Pre-Learning:

A home tutor by no means follows the institution pattern or any type of timetable, as the school’s instructor follows. Every house tutor has its way or approach to teaching. It may change from the design or sequence of the institution teacher. It's possible that a lesson isn't even commenced in college but finished by the house tutor.

Research has verified that 93% learners perform better when given one-on-one training. HouseTutor Singapore is Singapore’s initial managed house tuition site. Looking for a reliable home tutor who might help you in attaining higher marks? Contact a HouseTutor SG for any house tutor at your doorstep.

Exam daytime is always an extremely stressful day for most college students, especially those taking their A-amounts in Singapore. Chemistry, for example, is usually a dreaded subject since the exam queries can be quite confusing.

If you don’t prepare for it properly, the assessments can capture you off-guard and make you forget what you learned.

For individuals who cannot prepare for themselves, they can link up among Singapore’s A-level tuition colleges that offer special Chemistry tuition or seek the help of a tutor offering Chemistry tuition. The institution or the tutor would after that make a specialized lesson strategy that would get yourself a student exam-ready easily.

When you have carried out your preparations for your examinations with A-level tuition, listed below are eight techniques you may use to maximize everything you learned and plan throughout your Singapore A-Level Chemistry examination:

The total approach

Before you begin answering your exam, do the next:
  • Scan the whole paper to check out the questions you can easily response. When you discover one, answer them first.
  • Also, search for the questions that may offer you ‘easy’ points and that means you do not miss them when you concentrate on the harder queries.
  • When you end doing the simple questions, use the period you still possess for the examination to reply the tougher questions.

Attending single questions

Given that you narrowed straight down the harder queries, here are some points to keep in mind before you begin answering it:
  • Read the whole question 1st because you might miss critical keywords that could impact how you answer fully the question. The whole question may even provide you hints on how you should response one area of the question.
  • When reading the issue, check for command terms or verbs which would let you know which kind of answer has been asked.
  • Don’t stay too much time in one portion of the question. Keep it and try carrying it out again later on. When you make contact with it, browse the question once again because you might have missed a component which triggered you to end up having the question.
  • Don’t spend lots of time on calculations for multiple choice questions because it is only going to get you a 1-point tag. You can concentrate on your calculations for all those that may get you 2 points or even more. If you possess more time, you can get back to these computations later.
  • Some hints are available in multiple-choice queries that include calculations so be sure you read it carefully.
  • Check how much factors you may garner in each section and utilize it as a guideline about how much you should reply.
  • Don’t overload with the info you create down. If you believe you currently got the points essential to get the points, but you experience like there’s something amiss with one point, keep it out. You might lose your factors if the examiner views something wrong.

The keywords

These keywords offer you a concept of what answer has been asked by the examiners. Here are a few types of command verbs you might see in your assessments:
  • Describe: This asks you to describe what you observe in the graph, reaction or data without needing to get into full detail.
  • Condition: This asks you to define or explain a relationship without providing unnecessary information.
  • Explain: This asks you to spell it out what’s happening in the situation given and just why it occurred. This might involve explaining chemical substance and biological principles.
  • Evaluate: Because of this part, you have to display both sides of the argument offered.
  • Economic or Industrial: When you see this, it asks examinees showing the significance of the procedure, response and others to these sectors. You need to also add references to aid your answer.

Chemistry equations

When the issue asks you to “write an equation”, it might be asking for a new equation or an equation you might have forgotten. When this happens, do not panic! Making use of your background chemical understanding and what’s given in the question, try determining what might occur as mentioned in the question. [list of all Chemistry Equations]


Adding equations

Chemical equations are similar to algebra so you only need to write the equation that would reach a specific reaction or the equation for the entire process.
You simply have to add equations collectively like algebraic equations then cancel anything that appears on both sides to simplify it. Just make sure you check the amounts before you cancel out similar equations.

With half equations, you will get two equilibrium reactions and one must be reversed to find the proper reaction. Make sure you put all of the factors jointly in your combined equation and make sure they are in their right order.

Do the math

Read the questions first before you go do your computations. The issue may include all the items you should solve the problem.
For example, if you are given the concentration and the volume of a solution, you can certainly compute the total amount of moles of reactants or the product, then just use the right equation to solve the missing elements.


When doing the conversions, remember which devices are smaller and larger and multiply by 1000 in case you are trying to convert to much larger units. If you are trying to convert from larger units to smaller devices, you simply divide by 1,000.
However, this rule is not applicable to centimeter because there is 10mm in a centimeter and 1 m has 100 cm.
If you are able to remember all the conversions, you can write a table on your test paper before the exam starts and that means you don’t have to rely on your memory throughout the test.

Calculation Units

If you come across any question that requires you to utilize the gas equation, PV=nRT, you must remember that the P here in Pa.

The data that is normally given in tests is either in kPa or MPa which means you need to convert it first. K can be computed by multiplying 103 while M could be converted by multiplying it to 106.
If the question entails the Standard Enthalpy of Combustion, Ionization, Formation and all of the others, it constantly concerns to 1 mole of a compound while under standard conditions.

At Last,

It is important to keep in mind that whenever you take an examination, you ought not to rush to obtain it more than with because your quality is at stake.
In the event that you rushed it, you might miss critical factors that may reduce your likelihood of getting a good quality. When you consider it easy and unwind, it is possible to investigate the questions completely and answer as greatest as you can.
Remember: Chemistry requires accuracy because one incorrect equation or formula could cause a violent reaction. For better guidance, explore Home Tuition Teachers for Chemistry Subject for primary & secondary school – all levels.

If you find this article resourceful, you should consider reading this as well:

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Ways To Use Statistics In A-Level General Paper Exams Effectively

Singapore is among the leading business hubs in Asia and the globe, making it a global filled up with numbers and statistics.

Due to the importance of numbers and statistics in Singapore’s advancement and growth, college students are taught in early stages the need for math and technology and how they could be proficient in the topic. In A-Levels, statistics are among the essential classes taught to learners because of their math proficiency.

However, not absolutely all students can master statistics, particularly when trying to interpret data for their General Papers.

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Why using statistics is important?

Statistics has benefits, but two obviously highlight why it must be used:

  • It is a method to support your argument by using data.
  • It offers credibility to your argument with the help of credible sources and organizations.

When you do put statistics to your paper, in addition, it gives a great impression to your reader that you will be well-versed about this issue and you may support your claims very easily. [reference on A-Level Exams by MOE]

However, in the event that you do use figures for your papers, you need to be cautious with these common pitfalls:

1. Stating the statistic without citing its source

When we use figures in papers, it allows us to supply credibility to your arguments by drawing upon the info from credible resources or organizations. If you don’t cite the foundation and just condition a statistic, you are cutting your work’s credibility.

2. Quoting a questionable statistic from an unverified source

Not all resources are credible and even though you cited numbers that could support your argument, you won’t help to make your paper credible since the data isn’t from a valid resource.

3. Creating your own statistics

While citing amounts in your paper is proficient at first glance, it’ll function against you if your examiner realizes it isn’t a valid figure.

4. Stating a statistic without a proper explanation

In the event that you just put quantities on your own paper, your reader doesn’t have a concept of how it pertains to your paper. As the article writer, you must explain the way the figures relate to the claims you manufactured in the paper.

How to apply statistics effectively?

Now that you understand the pitfalls, it really is now period to check out the methods for you to apply statistics effectively in your present Papers or in virtually any paper you may right.

Listed below are the steps you may follow when you write your paper with figures included.

To begin with, have a clear subject sentence at heart for your paper apart from the statistics you use. Although you can skip this task, having a subject sentence ready might help remind you that your figures are there to aid your topic sentence and it will not only be cited without assisting something.

The next step you have to do is to make sure your argument is well-developed before you offer an example. This component gives your readers a concept how your statistic or example should come into the argument.

After you have the argument ready, it’s time to make sure you write where you have your figures or your resource and offer other details that could help to make your example clearer to comprehend. Your source ought to be credible and shows who did the initial study and who released it.

Additionally, it is advisable that you create when the study or research was done to provide an idea of the way the data you might cite change over time.

Finally, interpret the statistics you cited in your paper. Explain your interpretation of the figures and connect it to your subject sentence’s argument. To give you a good example of ways to revise your write-up to help make the statistics more effective.


Donald Trump became President of America, but 42% of People in America did not be a part of the vote. If this is one-way democracy works, after that it is a thing that we shouldn’t become proud of.

Right here we see that the statistic will probably see how democracy will have its flaw. The argument here’s not completely explained and reasoning can be a bit off. Additionally, you do not visit a context or resource that would get this to argument credible.

1. Topic Sentence

Looking back in the argument, we can say that the college student wants to argue a true democracy needs everyone’s inclusion. With this thought, we are able to now write the topic sentence for the argument:

Active participation from its citizens is required to achieve a well-working democracy.

2. Elaborate on your own argument

Given that we cited this issue sentence, it really is time we clarify our claim about the issue.

Energetic participation from its citizens must achieve a well-operating democracy. Democracy exists since it makes its decisions predicated on what the people wish. If part of the city abstains or becomes passive, then your decision reached by the democratic procedure does not represent the people’s will altogether

3. Source

Active participation from its citizens is required to achieve a well-functioning democracy. Democracy exists because it makes its decisions based on what the people want.

If a part of the community abstains or becomes passive, then the decision reached by the democratic process does not symbolize the people’s will as a whole.

According to the United States Census, at least 42% of Americans did not take part in the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

4. Interpret the data

Energetic participation from its citizens must achieve a well-working democracy. Democracy exists since it makes its decisions predicated on what the people need. If part of the city abstains or turns into passive, then your decision reached by the democratic procedure will not represent the people’s will altogether.

According to the USA Census, at least 42% of Americans didn’t be a part of 2016 All of us Presidential Elections. Many had been amazed that Donald Trump became the president plus some think that if the 42% had taken component in the elections, the outcomes may have been in opting to Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.

Given the many street protests which were kept during Trump’s inauguration and his constant low approval rankings on Gallup, it can beg the query if this is a good example of a democracy failing.

Finally Statement:

Statistics provides a crystal clear insight into how certain data can transform how an event could be interpreted and identify all of the possible outcomes which may be reached if the info was altered. Taking into consideration its importance, it really is ideal that you take time to hone your composing and analytical skills by using a tutor or an A-level tuition school.

With their help as well as your drive to get that desired A, it is possible to use statistics effectively for your A-level General paper!



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