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Best Ways to Prepare For Primary 2 Exams In Singapore Schools


We’re into term 4 of the academic 12 months and just weeks from the ultimate year exams otherwise referred to as SA2! I’d like to believe I’m no kiasu mummy however when Sophie came to the house with the semester evaluation timetable immediately after she came back from the word 3 break, I acquired all panicky. [education in Singapore]

You mean exams are happening this season for Primary 2?! And in 3 weeks?!
Sophie was nonchalant about any of it and coolly explained that We had to the indication and acknowledged that she’s done her component and informed me personally about the upcoming exams. I truthfully questioned who’s the main one having exam fever here?
While tests are nothing at all uncommon for Sophie, year-end exams are very another story. Though mainly because parents, we harbor great intentions to make sure that our children ace the examinations, it’s my belief our kids have to consider responsibility in finding your way through their exams rather than us spoonfeeding them how to proceed.
But since this is actually the first-time that Sophie must stretch herself to keep in mind a years’ well worth of learning, I made a decision to equip her with some ideas to tackle her examination preparation for Primary 2.

Have Your Exam Dates Correctly Saved

To greatly help her devise a revision strategy, I noted straight down all the examination dates about a calendar that I did use Microsoft Term. To my amusement, Sophie only found on school vacations and a public visit to October, when she went, HURRAY, because of school. Appears like I gotta train her a lesson on priorities.
Make sure that your son or daughter gets sufficient rest prior to the exams rather than doing last-second cramming to make sure that they are alert and clear-headed for the wedding day.
Besides understanding the chapters to review for, it’s also important to know the exam file format, e.g. MCQs, open-finished comprehension, picture composition, etc and the marks allocated for every section.
That way, you can teach your son or daughter to allocate their time wisely and know when to skip to another section if they end up trapped at the same question for too much time
We were surprised to get that oral is provided an increased weightage than picture composition and hearing comprehension, this means we don’t need to sweat thus much more than her English composition this season.

Understand The Subject Importance For Exams (Evaluation Weightage)

A smarter method to revise a year’s well worth of learning is to recognize areas that your child is weak in and dedicate additional time at enhancing those shortcomings by performing more practice to make sure they grasp the idea.
For topics that your son or daughter is confident in, they are able to practice carrying it out faster and shoot for zero errors.

Explore The Strength & Weaknesses Of Your Child’s Skills

While exams may audio dreadful and are connected with stress, it’s vital that you help our children see that exams are a method of assessing what they’ve learned in the entire year. Reframe their thoughts and also have them treat exams as a problem where they reach outdo themselves and become better than before.
It’s essential that we ourselves as parents keep our tongue rather than judge our kids by their grades, Unnecessary comparisons between them and their siblings, classmates, close friends will only lead them to feel defeated and lousy on the subject of themselves.


Keep The Learning Positive

Whenever Sophie returns with her test papers, I’ll ask her if she did her best in the check, if she’s contented with her grades and if she really wants to do better next time.
These probing questions provide her a feeling of ownership towards her personal learning and moreover to get her to acknowledge that she’s doing her best for herself and nobody else.

Set The Right Goals

While it’s inevitable as parents to experience anxious for our children as the examinations draw near, I’m reminded that people have to trust our kids have been ready by the teachers in college. Though we might see almost all their short-comings, believe untidy handwriting, not really labeling of answers, fifty percent finished answers for comprehension, let’s don’t forget to credit them for the improvements produced over the year.

Even at the job, we as adults prefer to become acknowledged for the nice things we’ve done rather than being pointed out everything we could have and really should have done. Similarly, our kids want to hear that we see their attempts and it’ll spur them to accomplish their best.
& most importantly, let’s continue to keep them anchored in the assurance they are good plenty of. That no matter their grades, they’ll always be the kid that we love therefore dearly and it’s a thing that they’ll not need to measure up to.
Ultimately not absolutely all kids will fit the training system that people have, but what counts is that they tried their finest and gave it their almost all and that may always be sufficient.

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