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Important Questions To Ask in School Teacher-Parents Conference Meeting - Singapore

Do you have a problem of how to share questions in a conference between parent and teacher?
The primary school and high school education of children is one of the things that parents care most about. And the most effective way for parents to get all things of their children’s schooling is the conference which is arranged only once a school year.

If you are confused about how to make questions throughout a parent-teacher meeting, you are in the right place. Now, I’m going to bring out some suggestions about this problem that I think they will help you.

Questions To Ask During A Parent-Teacher Conference

How is the social environment in the classroom?

This question may be the most important. By asking this, you will find out a lot of things about your child such as if they are a bully, getting bullied, outcast, … Thence, you and the teacher can find solutions together.

Is my child expressive during classroom study sessions?

By asking this question, you will know if your child’s emotional health was good or bad. Did they exhibit their emotion or hide it?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of my child?

If you know about their strengths, you can encourage them to do their best. Besides, getting their weaknesses will help you to reinforce your child in that subject.

Does my child need any extra help or additional care?

Maybe this is not a subject teacher want to talk about, but you need to ask simply because of a parent. You need to know what your children need and help them get it.

Do my kids give their complete focus in their school studies?

No matter if your kids are good learners, you have to ask if they put forth their best effort or not. Does the teacher believe your child is not focusing or unconcerned?

Are there any school or classroom policies that the parents should be aware of?

Some teachers are very strict, but some are not. You have to ask if they make plans in the class. Make sure that you remember them, so there won’t end up being any conflict happened.

What should be the defined goals for the next term?

Thanks to this query, you and the teacher can together make a plan for your children to have goals. A instructor can quickly help them to attain their goals at school.

What should we do for our Child?

If you ask this issue, the teacher will see that you are invested in their education. And teachers can have got valuable details and skills to help you reinforce learning that happens in the classroom.

Do you have any expert tutor advice for my child?

The teacher has a lot of advice to share and he/she is willing to help you get a better way to teach and understand your kids.

How can parents connect with Tutors?

Ask him or her about phone numbers, email address, … to get in touch with! So you can ask them questions about your child anytime.


I just have proven you ten questions that I found they are important. Before you have a conference with your children’s teacher, you should make a list of questions that you will ask.
Have a conference with a good mood. If you feel comfortable and positive, both of you and teacher will have a sweet talk.
Pay your attention to the conference with sincerity. The teacher notice you caution about your children. Therefore, the instructor can easily tell you everything without hesitance.
Being a good listener, you should focus on what the teacher said. If necessary, you can take notes them.

At the end of the parents-tutor meeting

If the conference has an excellent result, you will feel it’s easy to support your kids. Besides, you and the instructor can simply interact with each other to help your children.
Additionally, you can also plan to observe the pattern of your Child's report card and find out, which subjects are seeming tough to understand for your Child. Once concluded on that, you can think about hiring professional subject experts and home tutors for your child's success in Singapore education syllabus.
Finally, thank you so much for reading my whole post. I hope it will help you. Have an excellent time and see you shortly!

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