Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Things we do every day that can harm us badly

Every day we get engaged in some kind of work that makes us busy, but in those little things we do can harm us in coming time. This blog contains some of the daily mistakes that we unknowingly do that can affect in our health. So according to the tuition agency, list of some mistakes we do regularly are as follow:

Water bottles and travel mugs:
Almost most of the bottles we use in our daily basis are made up of poly carbonate plastics, which contain a harmful industrial chemical called bis phenol-A (BPA) according to Chemistry tutor, which can affect the process of our body like cell repair growth, energy levels and reproduction too. So the level of bis phenol-A depends on the water’s temperature, the hotter water gets the more of that chemical gets into your body. So to consume hot liquids you must use mugs which are made of glass or clay.

Fast food packaging:
Almost all of our favorite fast foods are wrapped or packaged in containers that have chemical coating. These packing can affect small child, which can cause different harmful diseases in future as well. So while travelling to long tours, picnics you must take your food into your tiff-in box rather to coat with some papers.

Eating lunch at your desk:
Where we do our work looks clean but contain more germs than outside, we work on computer these days and the mouse, and keyboard contains May bacteria than toilet seats. For our comfort we eat at our working table but regular eating in that table leaves some of the food we eat and spread bacteria. So we should eat in canteen which is cleaned every day.

Crossing your leg while work:
While doing work, we sit on chair and cross our leg for our comfortableness. But due to bending your legs can pump up your blood pressure at the knee ah which can increase the risk of heart attack. For improving that get a chair that supports your back or use a special footstool to keep your legs bent an angle of slightly more than 900.

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