Monday, January 29, 2018

Stress Impact on Health

Every human faces stress in their daily life. It is one of the most common problems for humans. As we face various kinds of situation sand problems in our lives; these problems are the key to stress. Stress is the reaction response that your body reacts and adjusts to a particular situation. These responses can be physical, emotional and mental. Stress is considered to be a normal part as it is based on the events that happen around you. Whether it is the deadline of work at office or school, by losing someone close to you etc, our body is designed to experience stress and react to it accordingly. Stress can be beneficial as it can help you be alert and be alert to danger. If you experience stress daily then it can turn into chronic stress which is harmful. Even though you might not realize it, stress will be affecting your health. Some of the minor symptoms of stress that is mistaken are headache, your frequent insomnia or less productivity at work. Stress can change one’s mood and behaviour.

Student in Stress

Too much of stress can lead to several changes in your body, mood and your behaviour which can lead to various disorders. One of the most common disorder is Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), which is developed by severe anxiety, dissociative and other traumatic stressor. Although not all the stressors is necessary to be stressing to all individuals. Stress can be controlled depending on how a person reacts and interprets to the particular situation. According to research conducted by our tutors and home tutors, the disease fighting mechanisms are weaker during the period of stress. Stress can also have an impact on how you behave. It can also hamper your decisions making, judgment and make some situations threatening. While the body is in stress the body releases certain chemicals which put the body in defence mode which decreases one’s attention and focus.

Stressed Man

Stress can be of two types. Some last for short-term and some can be long lasting. Short term stress can include the stress from exam, deadline of a work etc. which can include the symptoms like a fast heart rate, cold hands and sweating. The long term stress can also be called chronic stress which includes stress form finance, divorce, marital problems etc. which can have the symptoms like change in appetite, extreme tiredness, anxiety and depression says tutors and home tutors in our tuition agency. The chronic stress or long lasting stress can cause a severe chemical change in the brain what can adversely affect the memory and ability to learn. It can affect the person’s psychology in a negative way leading the person to feel upset, nervous, angry and tired. Due to increase in stress level people start taking alcohol and various substantial abuse which will adversely affect their health and their mind. Stress can disturb one’s psychology affecting their social life and health.

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