Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Benefits of music

For decades and decades music has been playing an important part in every human life and culture. Music can also be considered as mind medicine as music can be considered as a good brain exercise that activates each and every part of your brain. Listening to the music that you like can be a mood changer as our brain responds differently to the different genre of music (i.e. happy or sad). Below are some ways listed by our science tutor form home tuition agency, on how music can actually be beneficial.

·         Music reduces stress and depression
Listening to music can help activate the brain’s nucleus accumbens, which is responsible for releasing the chemical dopamine which is responsible for the feeling of good and enhancement of mood.

·         Helps us exercise
Listening to music can help you exercise better. It can help our brain get more attention towards exercise. Listening to music can help distract our brain's attention away from the pain of the workout (i.e. low and moderate exercise). During intense and longer exercise it can actually help us to use our energy more efficiently.

·         Improve our other skills
Listening to music is more beneficial that we might have expected. Music can also help one improve their vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning skills. The persons who listen to music more frequently are also able to multi-task.

·         Improve Memory
Listening to your favourite music can help the persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia to recall their memory. While listening to your favourite music the brain digs deep into your memories that you have shared.

·         Helps you learn
Many schools have removed music curriculums from their schedule due to loss of funding and time. The students who receive musical teaching outside school will have improvement in their test scores, brain connectivity and spatial intelligence than those students who do not receive any musical teaching.

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