Wednesday, September 20, 2017

10 reasons why kids hate school

As we all know kids hate school. It is natural for a child to complain about this. Research indicates that about 12% of the students go to great lengths just to avoid going to school. Many kids do not like the idea of attending classes so much that they become depressed. Some kids might even fake illness just to skip classes. Below is the list of 10 reasons why your kid may hate school which has been listed by the Tuition Singapore Tutors of House Tutor Tuition Agency.

Getting up early - This is the worst thing ever for a child. It is even worse in winter when they don’t want to leave their all warm bed and hear your mom come to rip your blankets off the body.

Homework - Kids think that homework brings the hell of school at their homes. Parents prioritize their kids in doing their homework’s first. But they get so much homework that they do not have time to do what they want.

Bullies - Kids hate going to schools simply because they could not take the abuse of the school bullies. Nowadays, due to advancement in technology bullies has taken even a more serious form of cyberbullying. 

Family issues - 
When a kid sees verbal and physical behaviours in their families it can trigger dislike towards school. When a child sees their parents fighting frequently he/she will instinctively feel the need to stay home in order to support his/her mother.

Teachers - 
Some teacher’s or tutors attitude towards kids can be rude, abusive and threatening. The methods used by teachers while teaching can sometimes make a negative impact due to which some kids detest school.

Separation anxiety - 
A child is used to getting a lot of love and affection at home. Some kids tend to hate school due to the anxiety generated by having to leave the safety and love of his quarters.

Boring - 
Kids look for a change. Almost every kid is bored of the routine that they undergo daily making them hate school. Some kids hate school due to the teaching style of some teachers as they are not able to make them concentrate while teaching them.
Peer pressure - It is one of the most top factors that determine a good student to change his/her attitude towards school. Every child no matter whether in the first grade or high school tends to take opinions of their friends and colleagues for granted.
Exam - The most thing kid’s hate in their school is the exam. Kids think it is impossible for them to identify the answer to each question. Kids perspective towards exam is that there are good, average and below average students, so the question in the exam should be set accordingly.

Health Problems - Every child does not have the same energy as their colleagues. Some might even have poor vision that impedes hem/her from seeing the notes on the blackboard or learning disabilities due to which your child might want to skip classes.

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