Friday, August 11, 2017

Personality according to your blood type

Do you know we can know a lot about a person if we know about his/ her blood type? Yes, this is true. This practice of determining personality according to blood type is much common in Asia. Let's have a look at the personality of each blood group people as recommended by our Science Tutor from our tuition agency.

Blood Type A:
They are good listeners have leadership skills and make good friends. They can be trustworthy, sensitive, shy and tense but they stay calm. They are responsible and crave more for success. Sometimes they cannot sleep easily because of stress

Blood Type B:
People with blood type B are strong minded, goal oriented, creative, passionate, animal loving and flexible. They follow their own rules. If they undertake any work, then they will only stop after finishing it.They are little forgetful and irresponsible.

Blood Type AB:
There are least populated individuals. They possess characteristics of both blood group A and B.They are usually gentle and sensitive. They care and love deeply are are popular in crowds.They have many friends but sometimes they love being alone.

Blood Type O:

They are very helpful and kind-hearted. Most people like them. Mostly they are physically strong and successful in sports. They are very flexible and adapt easily to change.

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