Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Is Science a blessing or a curse?

Science has completely changed the world at a very fast speed. From stone age till now, today we are in digital age and all this credit goes to science. Science has made the world small. Today, we can talk to people living in next part of the world using the telephone and smartphone. Not only this, we can make a video call, video conference using the internet. We can travel to different parts of the world in hours. Not only this, human beings have stepped on the moon and have sent robots to Mars for research purpose. Slowly we are planning to go to other planets of our solar system and all this will be possible because of science. Today we are able to treat deadly disease like cancer and AIDS because of the inventions made in the medical field.

Though we are benefited by science, there are many examples where science has turned into a curse. Sir Alfred Nobel has discovered dynamite to clear mountains so that it could be turned into productive land. But today same dynamite is used in wars to kill innocent people and causing mass destruction. Guns, bomb, missile, grenade, nuclear weapon, tanks, fighter plane were made for self-defence and to provide security and protect the country. But, today, these weapons are used to kill thousands of people in the name of war. These weapons killed millions of people in the first and second World war.

According to our Science Tutors from our tuition agency, misuse of internet and technology has become another problem. These days people are wasting hours in social networking site. Likewise, cybercrime is growing rapidly by the means of internet and technology. Most people are getting depressed because of the excess internet addiction. The same internet and technology are used to hack bank’s account and other security platforms. Science has turned people evil, cruel and selfish. They are killing each other for territory, fuel, and power. Thousands of people are murdered and killed every year.

Science has both good and bad sides. It’s all about how smart we can use it. If we use it in a smart way for the betterment of this planet, then it will be a boon. If we use it, in a wrong selfish way to cause destruction, then it will be a curse.

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