Friday, August 4, 2017

Differences between good and bad tutor

There are many differences between a good and a bad tutor. A good Singapore tutor inspires his/her student into being a better version whereas a bad tutor doesn’t care about all round development of his/her student. There is a saying that bad tutor can even be worse than having no tutors. Here we are going to point out some main differences between bad and good tutor.
Communication Pattern:
A good tutor keeps communication open with students. Students feel free to ask questions with them and tutor encourages students to ask as many questions about the topic as possible
But with bad tutor students hesitate to open up. A bad tutor doesn't care if the students have understood the lessons or not.

Making lessons interesting:
A good tutor tries different teaching styles and innovative approaches to make the lesson interesting. Students are curious to know details about the lessons. But this is not in the case with a bad tutor. A bad tutor just tries to finish the lesson as soon as possible and doesn’t focus on giving wide knowledge about the lesson.
A good tutor replies to student’s questions and queries on time. Sometimes the tutor can be too busy with his personal and work life and can not reply to his/her students' email, call or text but as soon as possible they get back to them. But with a bad tutor, this is not the case. They try to avoid student's queries and questions as much as possible making many excuses.

The most important goal of a good tutor is making his/her students better than they were before along with good grades and making them stronger to withstand all the challenges that life brings. But this is not the goal of a bad tutor. A bad tutor works for money and has a goal of finishing the lesson.

A good tutor has a sweet, helpful, cheerful, supportive and friendly behavior. A good tutor has equal standards and expectation from his/her pupil regardless of their test scores. A bad tutor is judgemental to pupil, parents, and siblings. A bad tutor can be physically intimidating and verbally abusive. Come and browse through our catalogue of tutor at House Tutor Tuition Agency to find the best tutor for your child.

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