Thursday, July 27, 2017

Are video games bad for students?

Video games have become one of very important part of students. It is very difficult to find a student who doesn’t like video games. Playing video games can have both advantage and disadvantage.Traditional study blame video games for making students lazy, antisocial, depressed, inactive and obese. According to Oxford University study, students who spend 1-hours playing video games are found less hyperactive, energetic, social and happier than those who don’t play at all

Playing video games helps to improve hand-eye coordination and hence help to improve skills for a better surgeon. Video games also help to improve the eyesight of the gamer. While playing video games active and fast movement of eyes takes place over the screen. It does a very good exercise for the eyes and the muscles around it. Hence, it helps to improve eyesight. Similarly, playing video games helps to improve decision-making skills. According to a research, people who play action games can take decisions 25% faster than those who don’t play it. Not only this, it helps to keep depression and stress away and makes our life happy, cheerful and more social.

Although playing video games has a lot of advantages, it is not free from disadvantages. It is also found that students who play violent games tend to be aggressive and violent in nature. Some of our Tutors from our tuition agency recommend students not to play video games more than 2 hours in a day as it can make you lazy and overweight. Similarly, it can affect your physical, mental and social life. So it is good to play video games not more than 1 hour daily.

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