Wednesday, July 12, 2017

School Life Vs College Life

School life and college life both are very wonderful and unforgettable part of our life. There is still a debate between school life is better vs college life is better. To find out which one is better, we made a research with 400 people. Among those people 376 people reported as school life was the best life and most memorable life. Whereas rest concluded as college life was the most memorable and interesting life. So, finally we can conclude that school life is definitely most interesting and memorable life. We can distinguish life in school with college life.

Differences between school life & college life
  1.  School life is more disciplined than college life.
  2. There are lots of rules in school life like rule of attending school daily, attending school on time, keeping nails and hair short, wearing clean ironed uniform, and lots more but in college life there are fewer rules followed by few students.
  3. Students are forced to come in complete school uniform in school whereas you are free to wear any uniform in college.
  4. In school life, students have to undergo lots of exams taken by tutors like weekly exam, quarterly exam, first terminal, second terminal and many more and students have to attend those exams compulsorily. In college, there is not pressure as much as school to attend internal exam
  5. We have less freedom and have limited pocket-money during school life while there is more freedom and less pocket-money problem in college life.
  6. In school, we have to complete homework daily as well as maintain notes of every subject. In college, the assignments are flexible and need to submit weekly or monthly.
  7. In school, we know names of most student in the classroom but in college life we hardly know names of half students in classroom.

Although there are differences in school and college life, both have given us lots of memories that can not be forgotten. Those memories will always stay in our heart and can wet our eyes whenever we think of our friends. You are the luckiest one if your best friend in school days is still your best friend. If you are still a student, enjoy it, live it, create lots of memories because once your student life is over, it won’t come back.

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