Friday, June 9, 2017

The Science of Preparing For Exams

One of the most stressful situation for students is exam time. Students are in lot of stress during exam days. Most students neglect their study and try to study during last stage of exam and gets fully stressed and nervous. Hence, they fail or get poor grades. Here, we are going to discuss some scientifically proven ways on how to prepare for exams.

Start Early: The common mistake most student make is that they think they have got lots of time to prepare for their exam. They start studying at last hour. Doing this, they get nervous, stressed and can not fully concentrate in their study. Hence, they fail. Scientist recommends studying from early days. It is better to start preparing for exams a month prior to starting the exam.

Take Proper Rest: Another mistake most students make is that studying late night and not getting proper sleep. Experts recommends to sleep between 6 to 8 hours before appearing in exam. Sleep helps to keep all the information in correct order. Moreover, proper sleep helps brain to think and remember most of the information that we have read a day before exam. According to a research, we have 60% retention rate when we read just one day before appearing in exam.

Eat well and Exercise: The first thing you can do yourself a favor is to eat healthy. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Include blueberries, salmon, almonds, nuts, eggs, whole grains, broccoli, dark chocolate etc in your diet as it helps to boost brain memory and helps brain to function well. Similarly, doing physical exercise like running, walking, skipping, swimming, cycling etc are also important as it helps to keep stress away and increase memory power. 

Make Good Notes: Making notes will be very helpful to prepare for exams. While reading a lesson, student should point out the  main points in a note. Similarly, making flash cards and sticky notes and highlighting the main points of information in the book with help a lot for preparing for your exam.

Get Help From a Tutor: This is a very easy and effective way to prepare for exams. Tutors are professional, skilled and experienced in dealing with the students. A recent survey shows that student who hired a private tutor did well in exams than those who did self studies. You must be careful in hiring tutors. Always hire a skilled and experienced tutors because they use psychology to teach according to the perception of the student. You can hire tutors from tuition agency. One of the most popular tuition agency in Singapore is House Tutor.

Revise Everything Before Exam: We keep learning new things and keep forgetting old. That is why revising everything that we have studied from time to time is very necessary. Remember to revise everything a day before appearing in exam.

Stay Away From Stress: Exam time is pressure time. Students are at stress during it. If there is a question you can not answer, don't panic. Keep calm. Take a deep breathe and go with the questions you can answer first. At last answer the question you don't know. Try to answer as much as you can. Don’t worry at all, all the hard labor you have done will pay you with  good result.

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