Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to utilize your June vacation

Holidays are happy days for students as they are free from school activities. Children use their holidays in different ways. Some go to visit different places with their parents, some go to visit their relatives, whereas others may use their holiday playing video games and going for a movie. If you don’t know the best way to utilize your vacation, then you may simply waste your holidays learning nothing new. Here, we are going to share some smart ways to utilize your school holidays.
1. Explore the nature: Students should explore the nature. Spending time with nature is most important for the physical, mental and social growth of a person. They should visit nearby parks, breathe in fresh air, play there, exercise there and explore new things. Who knows what nature may gift you.
2. Go for swimming: Learning to swim can be the very best use of vacation during summer. Swimming is supposed to be the best exercise as it involves the movement of whole body parts. Small children should go for a swim with their parents.
3. Visit the library: You should visit your nearby library during holidays. This helps in updating and increasing your knowledge. Most library conducts various program try to involve in those activities as much as possible.
4. Search for a part-time job: Students can utilize their long-term vacation doing a part-time job. This helps to earn some money and also increase experience and skills. They can also work as part-time tutors. They can also search for tuition assignments at House Tutor.
5. Go for a movie: Students can use their leisure time watching science fiction movies and other movies. Similarly, they can also watch documentary programmers in TV that can broaden their mind.
6. Learn something new: Student should always try to learn something new. There is a saying the more you learn, the more you grow. Holidays are the good time to learn cooking, helping mother and parents in their works, learning new games etc.
7. Go for travelling: There is a saying travelling broadens the mind. So, the more you travel the smarter you get. You can go to visit your friends or relatives. Go for volunteer work etc.
8. Challenge yourself: You should challenge yourself. Do things that fear you the most but you must be careful not to hurt yourself in doing so. You can go for a hike with friends. You can join a gym to train yourself. You can clean your surroundings. You can develop healthy habits in yourself. Avoid junk food.
9. Be more social: Try to be more social. Respect elders and love youngsters. Try to start your own community garden. Water your plants. Plant many trees.

10. Learn different computer courses: During free time you should join computer courses. Do research using the internet. You can learn painting, graphic designing, fast typing and so on. Computer skill is a must in this modern age. Playing computer games have also proven to increase brain power, however, do not waste whole time playing game, which will have negative effects on health.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Difference between tuition centre and private tuition:

In general, tuition centre refers to an institution where students go tuition centre for tuition and make their study in a group of students whereas private tuition means tutor visiting the student’s home and providing tuition to the student at home. These days, tuition at home is getting much more popular and its scope is also getting wider. In private tuition, flexible time is set up for both tutor and students whereas in tuition centre flexible time is not always possible.

Intuition centre, the number of students is always maximum where the tutor may not give full attention to all the students whereas in private tuition the number of students can be just one or two where the tutor can give maximum attention to a student. There are advantages as well as disadvantages on tuition centre and private tuition. The good thing about tuition centre is: their tuition free is generally low than private home tuition because tuition centre has many students for one session. However, the student needs to travel to the tuition centre. So, they are wasting time on travelling to tuition centre.

According to a recent survey, it was shown that students who received private tuitions did better in their studies than to those who did tuition in tuition centre. Home tuition is also better and not expensive too as the tutor is looking just part-time tutoring jobs out of office hours. They can also negotiate with parents and can do in affordable and reliable rate as the tutor also don’t need their own space for the classroom as they are travelling to student home. As tutor is on student’s home, parents are also together with them. So, tutor always tries to give his best to teach the student. Parents and tutors can discuss the problem with the student and can solve the problems as well. So, there will be a mutual understanding among, parents, student and tutor. As a result, the teaching will be more productive and effective.

Nowadays, there are many home tuition agency that provides teachers for the parents in their home. So, the parents do not need to worry about looking for the best tutor for their kids. They can choose the tutors they like from the home tuition agency. House Tutor is one of the best Singapore home tuition agency in Singapore.  

2018 Secondary 1 Posting Results

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