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Study Strategies

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Strategy is always essential thing for everything to make productive work. As study is most essential thing for human being. So, to make it effective is also most essential strategy. Here are top strategies for study:

Time Management: 

Time is continuous process. It never stops and no one can stop it. There is time for everything. The right thing done in right time is best strategies to be success and to achieve goal in life. Time changes a person from a child to adult and old man/woman. Since the child born, they need to be taught properly; childhood is the best time to learn and study. Parents need to understand to them. If the child has any problem, they need to find out and cure on time. If they have any problem in learning, they need to consult with tutor. They need to arrange home tuition to improve their study and learning to make better. Today, to find out home tuition provider in Singapore is easy. They don’t need to worry too much to find tutor, the tutor agency can find best tutor required for them. Here are more suggestions for time management:
  • Write down important dates for exams, assignments and other projects on a calendar.
  • Make a task list to keep tracks of things you need to do on daily basis.
  • Break large tasks into smaller pieces that can be complete within a few hours.
  • Plan our time to include doing things that you enjoy.
  • Be patient and flexible. If certain time management strategies don’t work for you, try different strategy.

Listening and Notetaking: 

Listening and note taking is important thing in learning and study. Students should have a note writing pad always with them. No one can remember everything they listened for all time. After a sometime, this is human nature to forget the thing. If the listening thing is noted on your notepad, you can look it back when it is necessary. Here are some advices for the Listening and Notetaking:
  • Find out how you will be evaluated on the material from tutors.
  • Be prepared before the class, do research, look the chapters for that day and bring the material that you need in the class.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your tutor if you do not understand in the class. If you are in home, write down the question and ask your tutor next time when you see him/her. Good tutor never mind, they are always happy to answer anytime.
  • Turn off all your electronic gadget while you are having tuition.
  • Concentrate towards tutor while tutor is teaching. Sit where you can hear and see everything you need to.
  • Compare your notes with your study partner on regularly and identify what you need to add or remove.
  • Review your notes on a weekly basis to prepare in advance for exams.

Textbook Reading: 

Textbook is vital material for the student. This is the basis need for the student for learning according to their level. It is designed and prepared according to the student level and years. Student should read their textbook regularly. Here are few suggestions:

  • Find out how you will be evaluated on your knowledge of the readings. Do you need to know the text book inside out? Or is textbook a supplement to the tutors.
  • Follow the reading strategies: skimming, scanning and in-depth methods. These can be good reading strategies, depending on the courses.
  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to read so that you can understand what you are reading.
  • To visualize the whole chapter, preview the reading by noting the subtitles and headings, looking at diagrams and skimming through the introduction and summary.
  • Review the notes from your readings regularly to keep them fresh in your memory. 

Exam Preparation: 

Exam are the final test for your progress in your study. The student who is prepared always score the best in exam. Exam is the test of student performance in his/her classroom. It is also depended upon the good tutors. If the tutor is good, the performance is good as well. So, I always advise you to choose best tutor if you are taking tuition to improve your study. I have few more advices for exam preparation:
  • Locate the best place for study where is quiet and comfortable to study.
  • Review the notes from tutors and the notes prepared by yourself.
  • Practice questions based on old exams, especially maths. Lean by doing. For non-maths subjects, prepare your own answers.
  • Study with a group if that work for you, but choose the study partner that is good for both in term of knowledge and commitment to the course.
  • During exam, focus on what you do know rather than what you wish you had more time studying. Take a long breathe in a certain interval. It helps you relax.

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