Thursday, March 2, 2017

Operating Tuition Business: Quite straightforward, don’t you think?

A tuition agency is a tuition business that acts as an intermediary between tutors and students, in which tutors are introduced to students through tuition agency. This type of business seems to be rapidly growing these days due to problems faced by parents to find tuition specialist who can assist them in their children’s studies.

In general, this is a home tuition, also can be considered one to one private tuition, whereby the tutor travels to the tutee’s home to conduct the session. Tuition agency attempts to get qualified and experienced tutors registered with them on the web platform, thereby exposing them on the internet. Parents or students are regarded as their clients since they are the ones who pay for tuition service.

To begin with, parents visit tuition agency’s website over the internet. However, effective marketing must be implemented to attract a huge mass of parents to the website. After that, parents will sign up and create their profile along with their basic and personal details. They will look through the tutors who have already registered with tuition agency on the site. Also, they will look into tutor’s profiles containing tutor’s information that includes their skills and experiences, academic achievement and subjects taught by these tutors. Tutors are also able to mention various subjects and languages they can teach their pupils with respective price rates. Once parents are done selecting a tutor, they can hire tutors right away by themselves or they might even consider consulting tuition coordinators who will advise them on choosing the right tutor. Several questions or suspicions might pop up in the head of parents regarding selecting tutor. So, this is when tuition coordinator intervenes. They will try to figure out the academic needs and learning styles of the students and try to pair them up with the appropriate tutor.  Parents may as well directly come to tuition agency requesting to find a tutor. They will specify their needs and requirements for tutors based on the subjects their kids are weak in. They will further state the location for tuition class, the academic level of students and the subjects that they need tuition for.  Once the requests are received, Tuition coordinator will pick up the tuition assignment and seek appropriate tutors based on parents' request. They will put this assignment up on their website making it available for existing Singapore tutors to apply for. The interested and deserving tutors will then apply for it and tuition coordinator evaluates applications in order to decide which tutor is best of the best. Ultimately, when done, an ideal tutor is selected and sent to student’s home for tuition.

This is how house tutor, a Singapore tuition agency has been working to this day. We believe all other agencies are operating their business activities in the same manner.  If you have any queries regarding this matter, you can log onto or contact us on 8259 1182.  Whether you’re a parent or a tutor, I’d highly recommend signing up with us. I’m sure this would be beneficial to you.

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