Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Classification of Singaporean home tutors

House Tutor, a home tuition agency in singapore has come a long way since its establishment.We have a comprehensive list of singaporean home tutors with the mission to provide all parents with quality education by matching their needs and budget with a Singapore home tutor of their choice.

       We are constantly on the lookout for home tutors who are able to provide quality service for House Tutor. Up until this moment, we have about 2500 home tutors with a wide range of skills and experiences, already registered in our database. We have looked through all tutor singapores signed up with us and categorized them into four major groups. This article might come in handy if you're making decision on picking the right tutor based on your budget and the need of your child.

1) Polytechnic/JC/Undergraduates
    Undergraduate account for a considerable percentage of all home tutors. They are either studying or have just recently graduated with a Diploma and are waiting for permanent job employment.They are mainly students ranging from 17 to 22 years old. They are close in terms of age to your child and is able to connect better with your child. However, they have the least experience school syllabus requirement and exam format. They may be busy during certain time of the year when they  are preparing for their exams and meeting their assignment due date. They are the cheapest option  for home tuition in Singapore.

2) Working Adults/ Freelance/ Part-Time Tutors
   Part-Time tutors have recently graduated and are either waiting for permanent job employment or have just begun working. They have a deeper content knowledge in subject matter compared to the  undergraduates and may have some years of experiences in tutoring. They may have some understanding of school syllabus requirement and exam format. They are likely to be available after their work hours. Most of the part-time tutors hold full-time jobs, often in different disciplines and fields such as bankers,doctors or lawyers who enjoys teaching out of passion. These Working adults are usually available for teaching tuition on weekday evenings and weekends. They are more mature in age(between 25 and 45 years old), and will be able to share real-life working experience with the child.

3) NIE Trainee / Full-Time Tutors
  Full-Time tutors make their entire living out of home tutoring. They have years of experiences in tutoring and are familiar with the syllabus. NIE Trainees are either undergraduates or graduates who  are still undergoing formal teacher training to become a full fledged school teachers. This category of teachers are highly sought after due to their aptitude in teaching and and familiarity with the syllabus and examination format. However, they tend to charge slightly higher rates than the  previous categories of tutors. Experienced full-time tutors often have the ability to quickly identify the weak area faced by most children.

4) Former/Present MOE Teachers
  They are the most experienced teachers and are highly sought after above all. Current school teachers teach in school during daytime and is likely to have limited time slot for tuition. Former  school teachers are either retired or have left teaching and may be able to open up more tuition slots. Not only they are familiar with the syllabus and examination format, their reliability coupled  with their ability to guarantee results is the main reason why they are always in high demand. As a  results, they are likely to charge the highest rate in the market. They are intimately familiar with the  changing trends of education in Singapore. Some good MOE teachers even  maybe able to spot  potential questions that are highly likely to appear in the examination. Both ex-teachers and current  tuition teachers have undergone rigorous NIE training, and thus possess good teaching and communication skills. Moreover, the rates for MOE tuition teachers may not be in the affordable budget range of parents.

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