Monday, January 23, 2017


In the present world, we have the busy schedule and it’s a hectic work to take care of children homework.  Nowadays’ children syllabus is difficult and It is advised to hire a tutor or send your child to tuition agency.  Now, the question arises which is the best option to consider. There are many merits of hiring a personal tutor.
So, in my Opinion, you should go for a home tuition. In Singapore tuition centres now focus is given more on ideas rather than grades. Therefore, one to one conversation will lead to better ideas.

Here are important reasons to choose a tutor over tuition agency

1.    Home Tutor Will Provide Personal Attention to Your Child

This is the most important thing which parents want for their child. This confirms that home tuition has many advantages over sending your child to a tuition agency. The most important reason is that it allows your child access personal attention.

2.    Home Tutor will Visit Your Place

It removes the hassle of travelling with both the student and the parent as it takes place at your place. There is no time wasted because the student will not be forced to travel to a different location.
This will allow your child to have more time to rest or he can also utilise some of his time in sports activities. This will keep him motivated and physically sharp.

3.    Positive Study Environment

Teaching has become a stressful form job and the passion is lost as the pressure of syllabus deadlines, planning as well as teaching many subjects seriously restrain a teachers’ enthusiasm for their work. How can students tend to get excited about what they are learning when subjects are being taught in a hurried manner. One of the benefits of personal tutor is that each tutor has a love for what they teach. Personal tutor lessons will open your mind to ideas in a way far superior to that of regular schooling.

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