Friday, April 24, 2015

Adding Time Quickly!

Here is a very useful hack to add hours and minutes together:
Let's try adding 2 hours and 44 minutes with 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Step 1: 

First, lets put the hours and minutes together so that they form a number. We will get 244 and 255

Step 2: 

Now using the addition hack you learnt earlier add  244 to 225
244 + 225 = 469

Step 3: 

Now add 40 (this is a fixed addition step) to 469 to give you 509 (This is a compulsory step to be done so for all addition of time.)

Since hour is always in single digit and minutes in double-digit, you should write your answer, which is 509, in the same way (509 = 5 + 09).
Thus, the answer is 5 hours and 09 minutes.

Share this trick with your friends and have fun adding time quickly!
Try challenging your tutor as well!

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