Thursday, April 16, 2015

4 things you should consider before hiring a tutor

4 things you should consider before hiring a tutor

1) Budget – We need to be realistic as we have our finances to manage but we also need to provide our best possible.

2) Proximity – Best situation is to have the tutor come to your house to save your time. Why do you want to pay more and spend more time to bring your child to a different venue?

3) Suitable tutor – You need to hire a tutor who is able to help your child at their level. E.g. hiring an MOE teacher with a vast number of experience to teach your child basic mathematics might cause a burn in your pocket. It is important to find the suitable tutor to teach your child at his or her competency level and change the tutor when necessary to improve the competency.

4) Communication – This is the most important point in hiring a tutor. It is very important to communicate with the tutor prior to hiring the tutor. This will give you an understanding of the tutor’s competency and how the tutor (strategies) will be able to help your child. 

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