Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fees for national exams waived in Govt-funded schools

Fees for national exams waived in Govt-funded schools

Fantastic news for all Singaporean this year as the new budget has announced the waiver of the Examination fees for Singaporeans sitting national exams in Government-funded schools.
The waiver applies to the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), and GCE N, 0, and A levels. A total of up to $900 can be saved by the students this year.
Examination fees for Singaporeans enrolled full-time in institutes of technical education and polytechnics will also be waived.
There will also be a $150 top-up to the Edusave accounts of Singaporean students aged 7 to 16. This will benefit about 400,000 students.
There will also be a top-up to the post-secondary education account of Singaporeans aged 17 to 20 in 2015. Those whose homes are valued at up to $13,000 as at Dec 31,2014, will get a $500 top-up, while a smaller group that is better-off will get a $250 top-up.
The government will give school advisory and management committees more resources to provide further targeted assistance to needy students. The initiatives will also apply to special education schools.
Self-help groups providing aid to children from needy families will also get a $6 million grant over the next two years. 
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